Monthly Archives: July 2011

Flower Crazy! Windows Series, Part 2


Imagine looking out your window at a beautiful flower garden.  That's exactly what I did before painting this picture!


For those of you curious about how I created this, read on!  First, I started by using gesso and a stencil to make a background flower that will act as a resist to paint.


Second, I used large Woody Watercolor Crayons to scribble on a range of colors that I thought would look "Flower Garden-ey!"



Next I used a paintbrush and water to blend the crayon into a watercolor wash.  I loved the way the color sprung to life.  Blending it got a little dicey – I learned that you have to wash the color first with a clean brush and then blend around the edges of the colors after both colors are washed.


Then I got creative!  I used an old book to cut the "stems" and painted them shades of green.  I used a stamp with various colors of ink to make the leaves on the stems.  I used some flower embellishments as the buds.  


Lastly, I added some vellum for the window pane and surrounded it with bright ribbon for the slats.  The next fun part was making the drapes.  I took a sheet of scrap-booking paper and again watercolor washed it.  It was soaking wet and very pliable.  I used matte medium to adhere the wet paper to the canvas and kind of let it drape on its own.  It dried in a fantastic pattern that added depth and texture and looks like real drapery!  


This was a fun and light hearted window to make….I hope you can almost smell the flowers!


A Room with a New View..of Paris! Windows Series, Part 1


Due to recent flooding, we had to move my office to a temporary location.  It is in the basement of an office building, typically used as a tornado shelter.  I hadn't paid any attention to the fact that we didn't have windows until one of my team members put up a piece of paper with taped off "window panes" and stuck a sunshine in it.  It gave me the creative inspiration to make windows for everyone!

I started dreaming about what I would love to wake up and see outside my window.  A tropical beach?  A flower garden?  The streets of a foreign village?  Once I started dreaming…I started painting!

Here is the first of the windows – a vintage scene from Paris!


This is a closeup of the women in the window.  I used an image transfer technique to add them.


Lastly here is a close in shot of the upper part so you can see the many layers of paint, collage, crackle paint, image transfer, stamping, gesso and oil pastel shading fun!


Musical Mayhem


This painting evolved from a photo I had taken of my Baby Grand.  I was trying to capture the beauty and elegance of the keys.  Right now, this piano is in storage due to flooding – and I miss my chance to play and sing on this beautiful instrument!  


I love the look of collage!  There are many layers here – paper, old music, old book pages, gesso, paint, fabric, ephemera, stamping done with handmade stamps, and my piano photo.  Also, I used a textured thick gel medium to make the golden flower design stand out from the page.  Enjoy!!