A Room with a New View..of Paris! Windows Series, Part 1


Due to recent flooding, we had to move my office to a temporary location.  It is in the basement of an office building, typically used as a tornado shelter.  I hadn't paid any attention to the fact that we didn't have windows until one of my team members put up a piece of paper with taped off "window panes" and stuck a sunshine in it.  It gave me the creative inspiration to make windows for everyone!

I started dreaming about what I would love to wake up and see outside my window.  A tropical beach?  A flower garden?  The streets of a foreign village?  Once I started dreaming…I started painting!

Here is the first of the windows – a vintage scene from Paris!


This is a closeup of the women in the window.  I used an image transfer technique to add them.


Lastly here is a close in shot of the upper part so you can see the many layers of paint, collage, crackle paint, image transfer, stamping, gesso and oil pastel shading fun!


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I guide my life and decisions with the following core principles - Always Be An Inspiration - Always Create Beauty - Always Plan & Build Security - Always Be Independent - Always Live A Big, Radiant Life - Always Connect To My Self and Those I Love -

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