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Making a Mess….Finding My Style!



Sometimes learning what is NOT your style is just as important as learning what IS your style.  Here is what I have learned to be true this week:



1.  Sketching out a rough draft ahead of time is NOT my style.  


2.  Small, painstaking detail work is NOT my style.


3.  Highly repetitive work is NOT my style.


4.  I like to work intuitively – that IS my style.


5.  I like it messy and unplanned – that IS my style.


6.  I need for art to happen quickly and come together in an explosion of color – that IS MOST DEFINITELY my style!!


What's your style?


Ready for a Kiss?


Ready for a kiss
Today I took a Watercolor Basics class at Canyon Ranch in Tuscon, AZ.  I have never used this medium before and was really curious to try it out!  I loved the pretty colors and how the water makes them flow into one another.

Watercolor supplies
This was our tray of suppplies – and I gotta say I was drawn in from the minute that I saw them!  After learning about how to use wet and dry washes, glazes, and watercolor papers we got to jump right in.  The class was allowed to choose images from a big stash to use as a model.  Everyone else in the class started painting landscapes, sunsets and oceans.  I painted lips.  What can I say?  I must have been ready for a kiss!


Step Forward…



We have all heard the phrase "Life is a journey".  But some days I wonder just where is it that this journey leads?  When I put one foot in front of the other, what exactly am I stepping toward?

I definitely don't have all of the answers.  But here are some things I have learned to be true on MY journey.  I want to step forward towards something more beautiful.  I want stepping forward to equal leaving behind painful things from the past.  I want to step forward within relationships, as a parent, and as a business woman.  I want moving forward to be something that does slightly scare me, but at the same time draws me forth with the possibilities that an unknown future holds.  And finally, I always want to be stepping forward in an atmosphere of growth, while being at peace with the place I am currently standing.

When I see this beach, I see it as powerful and peaceful in the same breath.  I want to walk down the beach towards the furthest point and explore what I can't see ahead yet.  I hope it evokes the same in you.  I hope it makes you want to Step Forward towards whatever is beckoning you…

When You Love Someone…



What does loving someone mean to you?  For many people it can mean the joy and bittersweet sorrow of being a parent.  For some, love has brought heartache and tears.  Love lifts us up and inspires countless songs and works of art.  Wars have been fought and lives have been lost in the name of love.  

The writing on this painting says "When you love someone with all your heart, you give it away."  So true.  We can loose ourselves in love.  How many women have lost themselves in a bad relationship – only to rediscover their own essence upon becoming single again.  How many mothers have wearily looked up when their toddler turns two and ask themselves in a sleep deprived haze – where did the last two years of my life go?  Where did I go?

When we love with the ferocity of a mother, a lover, a friend, or a family… we give our hearts away. 

(Mixed media acrylics using a masking tape technique!)

Longing To Be Outside, Windows Series Part 5


Do you ever just NEED to get outside?  In our temporary office there are no windows…just concrete walls.  And boxes.  Lots of file boxes.  It makes me want to break out – to run out into the sunshine and turn my face up to feel the heat of the summer day.  




In my normal neighborhood we have the most gigantic trees.  Part of the reason I moved there in the first place was to walk daily among the giant trees.  I loved the fact that they cut the neighborhood out of the trees – that they didn't raze the trees to build a neighborhood.  


For those of you who don't know this, I am temporarily displaced in both home and office due to flooding.  I want to go home.  I miss my trees.


There is something spiritual about being in nature.  The new blossoms in spring, the green leaves blowing  in the wind mid summer, and the glorious changing of the colors as fall rolls around.


So when I look out a window what do I want to see?  The beauty of nature smiling back at me.  I am longing to be outside!






Art Supply Junkie



Yes, it's true.  I am a self admitted Art Supply Junkie.  When I see art supplies my pulse quickens, my heart beat speeds up, and a smile lights up my face.  I can spend hours poring over the many different colors, paints, brushes, mediums, mark making items, stamps, papers and more…



Call me crazy, but I think it is the vibrancy of the color that just speaks to my soul.  Some people tend to fall into a pattern of using certain colors, but to me the spectrum of colors is like a playground.  And I find myself wanting to play more and more often.


And I have to touch them.  I want to feel the texture of the brushes in my hands.  I need to feel the creamy consistency of the paint on the tips of my fingers.  I want to roll the colored pencils from hand to hand and revel in the feel of a soft ribbon or textured paper.


Is it just me?  Or is there a little art supply junkie in all of us?



IMG_5251 IMG_5238

IMG_5255  IMG_4423


Help me name this painting!



Help!  This painting needs a name!  What does it evoke for you?  Do you see a visions of traveling with a passport?  Postage markings as if on a vintage postcard?  Beyond a circle and some numbers, what do you see?  

Submit a comment with the Painting Name.  And thanks for your help!

For those who enjoy learning about how this was created, read on… This painting was deceptively simple to create.  I did most of the artwork in a mixed media class I took just experimenting with different looks.  I normally would have added a lot more depth and visual interest to it, but my instructor challenged me to stop and just stare at it for a while…maybe this one would have a simpler, less busy look to it.

First I mixed some yellow, white and gold acrylic paint and laid the base.  I painted a large circle frame with a turquose color and used the frame itself as a stamp.  

Rubber stamps and archival quality permanent ink came in handy to mark the orange and turquoise stamped patterns.  Then I used a smaller circle frame as a guideline to paint the holographic looking iridescent blue.  When you move around to view it, the iridescent quality makes it look different from each point of view – very cool!


Last I used rub on numerals to give it the numbered effect.  And then I stopped.  I think it is beautiful in its simplicity.  And what, oh what shall we name it??