If Nothing Ever Changed, We’d Never Have Butterflies, Window Series Part 3


 This is one of my favorite paintings I have created so far!   The third in my series of Windows, I wanted to do some type of butterfly theme.  Since the windows were inspired by the fact that we had to change our office location, I was struck by the quote "If nothing ever changed, we'd never have butterflies."  It made me think about the fact that you can usually find something good that comes from a change…no matter what the change is!

To understand the layers and steps involved, read on!

I started out by collaging a variety of patterned scrapbook papers, old newsprint, and even some fun materials onto the canvas.  Then I used gesso and a stamp of elegant old script to create some visual interest and texture.


Next, I painted a dark purple acrylic with a stencil.  After drying I made small white dots with a marker.  I decided to paint the stencil in the upper right hand corner so begin to draw the eye in that direction.


Then the creative juices really started flowing!  I used some stamps that I had made in an art class last fall.  I used gesso to stamp a row of color along the bottom.  The stamp sort of looks like bubbles.  Then I used stamps I had created using childrens bathtub letters – both a V and and I.  I used the V to create wings, and the I to create the body.  I outlined them with a sharpie.  These were the first butterflies to find their way into the picture.


After toning down the colors with a couple of layers of acrylic wash, I added the embellishments.  I strung the word "Butterflies" together on some twine.  Scouring some old books to find the words for the saying took some time and was fun.  I will have to say though that the size of words I used was too small for the overall canvas.  You can see it up close, but not from any distance.  Oh well – lesson learned for the next one!


 Finally, I drew the twine upwards in a swirly way and added a couple of butterflys.  I glued them on using E6000.  They stand out from the canvas in a great way.  I added some decorative tape to make the window panes and shaded the edges with my pastels.  Viola – a butterfly Window!

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  1. Hi Mary,
    Stopping by from the e-course. I love seeing the process of your paintings. It’s always fun to see how others paint. I love all the colors in them. Beautiful title too.

  2. Thanks Myron! I am taking an e-course right now to learn more about the commercial side of art. I don’t know how that will play out..but your comment made me smile that someday someone might want to actually purchase a piece! Thank you!!

  3. Thank you Tammy! I can’t wait to see what the e-course has to offer. I checked out your blog and flickr site – beautiful stuff!!! I like both your daisy theme and also your angel girls.

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