Art Supply Junkie



Yes, it's true.  I am a self admitted Art Supply Junkie.  When I see art supplies my pulse quickens, my heart beat speeds up, and a smile lights up my face.  I can spend hours poring over the many different colors, paints, brushes, mediums, mark making items, stamps, papers and more…



Call me crazy, but I think it is the vibrancy of the color that just speaks to my soul.  Some people tend to fall into a pattern of using certain colors, but to me the spectrum of colors is like a playground.  And I find myself wanting to play more and more often.


And I have to touch them.  I want to feel the texture of the brushes in my hands.  I need to feel the creamy consistency of the paint on the tips of my fingers.  I want to roll the colored pencils from hand to hand and revel in the feel of a soft ribbon or textured paper.


Is it just me?  Or is there a little art supply junkie in all of us?



IMG_5251 IMG_5238

IMG_5255  IMG_4423


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  1. Mary: I totally hear you on art supply junkie! I love that. My heart totally races too when I see supplies!!! Happy Painting 🙂 Emily

  2. These photos are so wonderful of all you supply’s. It reminds me of when you go into the jewelery stores in the Caribbean and you see all the loose gem stones. I just want to buy them so I can have a handful of spectacular colors. See you in class

  3. Love art supplies too. And, office supplies. I always buy way more than I need when I go to Office Depot for our business supply needs.
    Interesting that you keep you paints upside down. Never thought of that.
    BYW-I’m here via the Flying Lessons eclass.

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