Making a Mess….Finding My Style!



Sometimes learning what is NOT your style is just as important as learning what IS your style.  Here is what I have learned to be true this week:



1.  Sketching out a rough draft ahead of time is NOT my style.  


2.  Small, painstaking detail work is NOT my style.


3.  Highly repetitive work is NOT my style.


4.  I like to work intuitively – that IS my style.


5.  I like it messy and unplanned – that IS my style.


6.  I need for art to happen quickly and come together in an explosion of color – that IS MOST DEFINITELY my style!!


What's your style?


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  1. Hi Mary! Your style is definitely your own and it is beautiful! I agree that sometimes starting with what we don’t want to be, do or create can be a wonderful pathway for discovering what we can be, do or create. Love the photos you’ve included here, too.
    Keep dreaming barefoot!

  2. You and I have the same style! Every time I try to plan my art, I end up hating it and painting over it. I spent all day yesterday doing just that! I’m also terrible at it when I have a deadline and “have to” get something done.

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