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Fashion as Art Dolls



I have heard it said why not style yourself as if you were paintng a canvas?  Art is all around us… and our community has a fundrasier each year called Fashion as Art.  I was asked to help color some of the decorations for the event, soI passed a relaxing Sunday morning cooring, painting, and having some fun!



               First, I colored with my Aquarelle water               IMG_5340

                soluble crayons (left).  These crayons are so

               cool!   You just add a little water to what you

              have colored (right)  and voila!  It looks like you

              spent a long time painting!                                 


              I did a bunch of them, then finished off 

              some of the details with glittler stickles.



IMG_5349 IMG_5351























If you are gonna get dressed, might as 

well dress with a little flair!!! 


What I learned last month…



For the last 5 weeks I have been taking an e-course by Kelly Rae Roberts about how to run a creative business.  I have felt excitement, overwhelm, confidence, insecurity, techincally stupid, and artistically inspired.

I learned more about blogging, how to set up a creative website, the nuts and bolts of an etsy store, and how to connect it all to social marketing like my facebook page and my twitter account.

And check that out – I learned how to insert links into my blog!  ha ha ha

I have no idea where that knowledge will take me…. but I feel like I have grown for having taken this course.   And I'm grateful that there is a fantastic artist community out there who support the baby steps of growth for new artists like me!!

It’s My Birthday and I’ll Paint If I Want To, Paint If I Want To…


You would paint too if it de-stressed you!  Ba ba ba ba bah!!!




This is a new one I am working on….its slowly starting to take shape.  I have no firm idea yet of where I am going with it… but I am enjoying the process and seeing where it takes me!


Normally I am very planned – very structured.  But in the art studio I can float and just go where the mood takes me.   No rules.  No right way.  Just enjoyment.  No wonder I find it therapeutic!


So thank you art studio!  You make every day feel like a birthday!!!!