Monthly Archives: October 2011

An hour in the studio…


 Aaahhh…a morning with an extra hour.  So I head straight to my studio – my sanctuary!  The funny thing about having one hour in the studio is how much you can actually accomplish!  Just like in business, work expands to fill the time allotted for it!

So this hour in my studio, what I got done is:

1.  Collaged some words I had cut out from a magazine into an art journal.

2.  Printed out my weekly curriculum for my Soul Restoration 2 class.

3.  Layered the first round of paint onto several pages in my “This is the Life I want to Live” visual journal.

4.  Sketched out an idea for a web page that I would like to design.

5.  Kissed my boyfriend when he wandered in.

6.  Added a layer of acrylic to this painting – love bubble wrap printing!!!

7.  And finally – wrote this blog post!

Never let it be said that you can not accomplish a lot in one short hour!!!

My first print!


I’m so excited!  I took a class this summer about how to turn your art into something that can be sold.  And here is my first print!!

Step 1 – bought a fabulous new art quality printer (Epson R1900)

Step 2 – bought Epson Luster Paper

Step 3 – bought and learned (sort-of) Photoshop Elements

Step 4 – scanned a painting I had completed

Step 5 – edited it and printed it!!


So why does this excite me?  I guess because it is progress towards a dream that a year ago I didn’t even know I had.  That’s the funny thing about dreams, isn’t it?  They can shift and change and carry you in directions that you can’t even imagine.  Someday I would love it if a person loved my art enough to buy a piece of it – a print, a canvas, a calendar….  So the first step in making that happen is getting the art into a format that can become “for sale”!

Next step – creating the web-store it can be bought in!  You can bet that I am on it!!

If you are going to sing….


Don’t be shy.  If you are going to sing – let us hear you!  If you are going to live – live a life on fire with passion and joy!  I think that if you are going to spend the time and energy doing something – then put your heart into it and do it all the way.  Life is fully of opportunities to do something half way.  Don’t.  Live a big life.  Give it your all.  If you are going to sing, then sing at the top of your lungs!!!

A Work In Progress…



Have you ever noticed how life imitates art?  Or maybe it’s the other way around.  I don’t know.

But what I do know is I always have several art projects cooking at the same time…and I am always working on several areas of my life at the same time too.

I dip my paintbrush into the swirling colors and let it run onto a snappy white canvas.  While that is drying I collage a few things onto another canvas in progress.  Next I add a few things of ephemera to my art journal.

Outside of my studio I work a while on getting my house back into order after our recent move.  Then I take a walk (with a few minutes of jogging!) to get some exercise and try to keep my weight manageable.  Time for some reading about the latest and greatest business technique so I can keep my company growing.

Wether its art, relationships, business, family, weight loss, taking care of your home, learning a new skill, or even just injecting more fun into your life  – we all seem to be constantly working on something.  Building something.  Growing something.  Or maybe just fixing something.  A never-ending quest to become just a little bit better.  Growing into our best selves.


The cool thing about it is that we can choose to grow any time we want to.  And that we have this wonderful ability to focus on and grow in multiple areas at the same time.  So I guess just like my art, my life is always a work in progress!

What are you working on?

Swimming in new waters…


Recently I watched a video tutorial about drawing Mermaid Girls.   I have never done much drawing, but have been intrigued with the idea of learning how to draw faces and bodies.  This was my first try!

I feel as if I have been swimming in some new waters in several ways lately…drawing new things, launching a new blog site, and exploring my creative side in a Brave Girls Soul Restoration 2 class.  I am normally someone who thrives in a changing environment…and I am excited about these new things.  I really am.

At the same time, I have some fear around them.  Because with new things and change always comes an awareness.  And once you are aware of something, you can not become UN-aware.  Awareness means you must heed the little whispers in the back of your mind urging you to seek out change and move in new directions.  And often new directions means you leave something or someone behind.

I am not exactly sure what the new direction is that my art is taking me…but I am sure that I am swimming towards it daily and putting my faith in the belief that where-ever I end up – it will be exactly where I am supposed to be!