My first print!


I’m so excited!  I took a class this summer about how to turn your art into something that can be sold.  And here is my first print!!

Step 1 – bought a fabulous new art quality printer (Epson R1900)

Step 2 – bought Epson Luster Paper

Step 3 – bought and learned (sort-of) Photoshop Elements

Step 4 – scanned a painting I had completed

Step 5 – edited it and printed it!!


So why does this excite me?  I guess because it is progress towards a dream that a year ago I didn’t even know I had.  That’s the funny thing about dreams, isn’t it?  They can shift and change and carry you in directions that you can’t even imagine.  Someday I would love it if a person loved my art enough to buy a piece of it – a print, a canvas, a calendar….  So the first step in making that happen is getting the art into a format that can become “for sale”!

Next step – creating the web-store it can be bought in!  You can bet that I am on it!!

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