Its a Blog-hop – what fun!


I took a class this summer and made some great artsy girl friends.  They put together a Blog Hop.  I had never heard of it!  Basically a Blog Hop is a list of people participating who are all writing a blog post on the same day, related to the same topic – and including a list of the other “hoppers”!  Fun!

Our post inspiration is called Flying Lessons.  That was actually the name of the class – about learning how to fly high in the art business world.  But for me, it held a dual meaning.  You see, I am a pilot.  I have had my Visual Flight Rating (VFR) license for about 10 years.  I had dabbled with getting my Instrument Flight Rating (IFR) – meaning you can fly in the clouds and marginal weather.  I dabbled with this for all 10 of the years I have been flying.  But I wasn’t truly motivated…just didnt have the drive to finish it.

Then this summer the flood in the midwest hit.  I had to evacuate my house and my business.  It basically turned my entire world upside down.  Imagine that….packing everything you own and moving it all…in the span of about 3 days.  Everything.  And having the threat of your property being totally destroyed hanging over your head.

I craved the feeling of security.  Everything in my life was in turmoil.  And I deeply needed to feel that I still had the freedom and independence to make choices – not be trapped by what the flood dictated.  It was already dictating where I could live, and where I could work.  So what did I do?   As I took the Flying Lessons class for artists, I also took Flying Lessons of a different kind.  I finished my IFR.

Now I can pick up at any time and fly pretty much anywhere I want to.  Now I don’t have to deal with pesky security measures, or even planning way ahead to book a trip.  I can go anywhere, at pretty much any time.  And that, my friends, is my version of freedom and independence.  And in that, I found a measure of the security that I was craving.

The flood has come and gone, and we are once again back home.  Daily we are putting our lives and homes back together.  And I look back at the summer and am proud – proud that in the midst of turmoil I still found the strength to fly!

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  1. That is a beautiful story of how you’ve come to be here with us Mary, thankyou for sharing this and congratulations on obtaining your IFR, YAY! That certainly is freedom to fly in the true sense of the word (o: I must say I am a fan of your beautiful artwork too, gorgeous. It’s been wonderful to have met you. Liza xxx

  2. Mary,

    Your blog post was very touching, I cannot imagine trying to pack up everything and move in three days and the feelings of insecurity and worry you must have had! I love that you too the negative and made it a positive… Both of my parents are pilots and when I was 16 I took Flying Lessons… back then I had to choose between flying lessons and cheerleading… guess what I chose? Yup, cheerleading! Congratulations on your IFR, what a huge accomplishment! Thanks for sharing with us and hopping! I hope things settle down for you! 🙂 Kris

  3. Learning to fly (a plane, that is!) is one of those things I never thought I wanted to do until I flew in a small plane in Alaska last year. How fun it must be! And I’m so glad you’re doing the other flying with us!

  4. What a great story! Congratulations! I’m so happy to have the opportunity to get to know you better. I also took a peek at your 10/31 post. That’s beautiful! Now that I know you are here….I’ll be back. 🙂


  5. WOW Mary, you really can fly!! I’m happy to hear that you went back and finished what you started years ago. I’m also happy to know that you’re back home and picking up the pieces. Love you art, too.

  6. I luv’d your post, Mary!! You are soooo brave to learn to fly an airplane, especially after all you have been through!!! Also- I luv your blog header image!! It reminds me a little of flying 😉

  7. Hi Mary! Very interesting post. I’m so impressed that you can fly a plane! I’m not too keen on flying in a plane as it is, so I’m that much more impressed;D So glad to have you in our tribe!

  8. Hi Mary that is amazing that you can literally Fly a plane. I’m glad you have come through a difficult time and found the courage and strength to Fly~

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