Monthly Archives: December 2011

She Carried Herself With A Timeless Sense Of Class…


I’ve always been attracted to the look of a classy woman.  You know what I am talking about.  The kind that even looks like a million bucks when walking through a crowded airport.  I notice them while I am walking through the terminal in my lulu lemon yoga pants.  I think that Jackie O had the most fabulous sense of style.  When I wear a dress reminiscent of her style, I immediately feel classier.  Timeless class –  what does that mean to you?

She found a different way to fly…


We all want to fly.  Sometimes it is a dream that we hope takes flight.  Sometimes it is physically getting onto an airplane to fly to an exotic vacation.  Sometimes I see a bird riding on the crest of the wind and I wish I had that freedom of flight.

I saw this video and watched with open mouth.  What an amazing display of flight.  You have to take a look at it.  Then you may be inspired to find your own different way to fly.

Inspired by the teaching of Christy Tomlinson.

Pattern Love!


Lately I have been working my way through an e-course by Rachael Taylor called Surface Pattern Design.  It has opened my eyes to a whole realm in the art world that I have never been exposed to before!

Among the many great things I learned was how to take a simple drawing and turn it into a motif inside Photoshop.

Then I learned how to change its color, copy it, and play with patterning.  This is the first one I made!  Super Fun!

See how simply changing the background color alters the feel and mood of the whole design?  Who knew!  I’m having a blast playing with it!

A Little Holiday Magic!


It’s the hap – happiest time…of the year!  I made a goal to create my first piece of Holiday artwork….and here you go!

I started out thinking it would evolve into something with hanging ornaments.  Guess not!  That is the magic of art for me – sometimes things take a direction both unexpected and delightful!

I used a shape cutter and made some different sized star masks to create the tree.  The paint is semi-translucent.  Before it dried I added a little glitter.  It looks so sparkly on my mantle!

From my house to yours – I wish you happy holidays and a season full of touches of magic!

She felt peace in the midst of the storm…


I am taking an e-course called SheArt by Christy Tomlinson.  In it we learn how to make these cute little girls.

It is so fun to start with a completely blank canvas and just start to get MESSY!

Making the clothes and doing the shading is a stretch for me….it takes a little more detail and a little more time than what I normally like to do.  But is it great experience!

The snowstorm was a little burst of inspiration….mainly because I made the girl too short for the canvas!  So I had to think of something for her to stand on.  I decided to go with a pile of snow….then made some snowflakes coming down.

The saying “She Felt Peace In The Midst Of The Storm” was one of the many prompts from the class.  I hadn’t even read that one as I was making the painting.  It just jumped out at me when I saw it – and decided it was a perfect fit for my angel in a snowstorm!

Funny how things tend to come together even when you don’t plan it all the way out!