She felt peace in the midst of the storm…


I am taking an e-course called SheArt by Christy Tomlinson.  In it we learn how to make these cute little girls.

It is so fun to start with a completely blank canvas and just start to get MESSY!

Making the clothes and doing the shading is a stretch for me….it takes a little more detail and a little more time than what I normally like to do.  But is it great experience!

The snowstorm was a little burst of inspiration….mainly because I made the girl too short for the canvas!  So I had to think of something for her to stand on.  I decided to go with a pile of snow….then made some snowflakes coming down.

The saying “She Felt Peace In The Midst Of The Storm” was one of the many prompts from the class.  I hadn’t even read that one as I was making the painting.  It just jumped out at me when I saw it – and decided it was a perfect fit for my angel in a snowstorm!

Funny how things tend to come together even when you don’t plan it all the way out!

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  1. Your piece is great — and it’s also great when we are so wrapped up we don’t even know we’re creating–not often that we’re in the moment of creating and not over-thinking something. Thanks for sharing your story behind this.


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