Boldly Face Your Future…


I thought it would be a good idea to practice faces.  I am not really good yet at the noses….or lips….or eyes….lol I am pretty sure that covers most of the face!  I don’t want all of the people I paint to be faceless.  So I turned to my art journal and started doodling.  Some features up close.  Some in a small face.  Some in a larger face.  I have found it is pretty hard to capture any type of real expression in a small face.  I think that means I need to practice more!!

As I was doodling I was thinking about faces, about facing things, and it morphed into facing your future.  Everyone has things in their future – things looming ahead – that bring them angst and anxiety.  Sometimes it is about a change that is coming.  Sometimes it is because we long for change.  But whatever looms ahead I have learned is best handled by walking straight into it – boldly facing what is coming your way.  We can get through anything – the hardest part is really just taking the steps to get started.  So go – go boldly face your own future.  You can do it!!

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  1. Such an astute observation Mary. Art and life are one. It’s amazing how much our inner dialogue controls our emotions, and how it is reflected in our life’s work. Thanks for sharing this, and your faces are awesome!

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