I need a little fairy dust….


Sometimes a girl just needs a little fairy dust to help everything in life move towards that happy ending.  Right now my daughter is really struggling and has been hospitalized for post-partum depression.  I am taking care of her little baby – my sweet and adorable grandson.  I am loving every minute with him, but I’m tired.  He is two months old….and I have forgotten just how little sleep a new parent gets!  I am also trying to help my daughter regain her footing and grow back the point where she can take care of herself and of him.  Can you see why I need a little fairy dust to help along the way!!

I believe that things happen in life that make you smile with the synchronicity of it all.  I participate in an Artists Trading Card Swap monthly.  For those of you new to the ATC world – it’s kind of like trading baseball cards – except they are handmade little lovelies that you trade with artists around the globe!  Most swaps have a them, and the March theme was Fairytales.  I created a couple of cards with this them in mind.  What a magical them for a girl who needs a little magic right now!

The second piece of synchronicity is that I am taking The Art of Surface Pattern and Design course and I learned how to make repeat patterns in photoshop of things.  I decided to combine my ATC work and my Surface Pattern work and voila – we have a Fairy Pattern!  I guess if I can create a little beauty along the way using the thoughts of love for my daughter and grandson, then maybe I am creating my own fairy dust and something magical will happen!

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  1. Mary, I’m saying prayers for your daughter. I remember post-partum depression. She’s so blessed to have you helping her with her little one so that she can focus on getting better.

  2. Such a good idea to combine the two…ATC and surface pattern. I just signed up and am waiting patiently for it to begin. Lots of happy positive thoughts going out to you and your daughter.

  3. Your daughter is so very lucky to have you helping her out with her little baby. I wish I had someone like you to help me after I had my daughter. I pray that she’s getting better. Enjoy that sweet little peanut:)


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