Color Palette Love…


You know how sometimes a picture just catches your eye?  Sometimes it is the composition.  Sometimes it is the focal point.  Most often or me it is the colors.

I’ve always been attracted to bright colors.  My long time favorite color has been red.  Some say that is a power color.  Or an angry color.  I think it is a bold color….and I am kind of a bold girl!  I have now had 2 houses and an office building in which I have painted one wall in a room red!

In Module 1 of The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design we learned how to make these nifty little color palettes.  The instructor Rachael Taylor showed us how to take a picture with colors that spoke to us and pull out the palette.  It is then easy as an artist to create your own work using that blend of colors.  I have had a lot of fun experimenting with it.

I hope you enjoy these two fun color palettes that both caught my eye!!

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  1. I love getting these little hints about my upcoming course with Rachel. Keep em coming! Realy love the colors of your butterfly window .Thanks, Julie

  2. I agree on the colors–I am so drawn in my colors in paintings, etc. There are many paintings I love that when I Iook further it’s not the subject matter, it’s just the feeling the colors give to me. Great post to share.


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