Pattern Pretty!


I am excited to share a new Pattern Page on my website!  Check out all of my fun pattern designs at

My latest pattern was fun to put together…. it started with this simple drawing below…

Firework Motif

And it turned into a pattern like this!  Oh the fun things a gal can do in photoshop!!!

Fireworks Pattern

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  1. Hi Mary

    I am in the pattern class with you and I recall that you were having issues with the computer aspect (as I am)

    How did you get the hang of Photoshop and do you use illustrator as well?

    BTW- love your patterns!

    • I was having trouble when I was using Photoshop elelments.  I finally got the full version of CS5 and it is much easier to work with.  Some of it is following the tutorials, but some is simply trial and error.  I dont have illustrator!  Hope that helps – Mary

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