To Change Your Body…


To Change Your Body
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We all want that magic pill…that miracle diet that will immediately transform our bodies into the icon of beauty that we desire to be.  The path towards that body doesn’t start with anything external – it all starts with something inside of you.  Your thoughts are the key.  I learned from the amazing weight loss coach, Brooke Castillo, that your thoughts create feelings – and those feelings create actions – and those actions create results.  If you want the results in your life to be a body that is changing towards what you want it to be, you must start by changing those internal thoughts.

Our internal thoughts sometimes are really mean.  So many women beat themselves up – for eating that extra cookie, for saying something dumb, for carrying that extra 20 pounds (again!), for somehow failing as a mother, as a wife, or as a friend.  If we are not busy beating the crap out of ourselves with the negative track that runs rampant in our heads somedays, then most of the rest of the time we are busy ignoring ourselves.  Distracting ourselves from things we are afraid to feel.  Sometimes we disguise distracting ourselves with being busy.  Or caring for others.  Or working too much.  Or eating.

The path towards finding peace with your body all starts in your head.  Pay attention to your thoughts.  If you don’t like them, find some new ones that you do like.  Some new thoughts that you can buy in to.  Thoughts that support the direction you want to go.  That support the fab-YOU-lous life and body you can have!

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  1. Finding peace with our bodies is especially trying as we age and are presented continuously with tucked, pulled and airbrushed women as typical. What do you all do about that, I swim anyway, paint, walk, run a farm eat healthy and still I am typically overweight by three times the twenty. Should I wear a bag, hide or just live all out with the body that I have and that works for me just fine?

    • Diane – I am learning that the goal seems to be a blend of being peaceful in the body you have along with being at a weight that is reasonably healthy.  I DO think you should live all out – at any weight!  What a brilliant way you put it!!  I also think that if you are not at peace with your weight you might want to look deeper at what causes you to eat even when your body is not physically hungry.  I would be there are some answers there if you look closely…Mary

  2. Mary, this is great! I love the line “Sometimes our internal thoughts are mean.” It’s so true. I’ve been making sure THAT voice stays turned off in my head. Sometimes it’s hard, but it makes such a difference.

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