This site is about the beautiful discovery of art hiding inside of me – from the building of my art studio to the paintings that I delight in creating. It is a visual tale of artistic development of a mixed media artist!

This is my personal mission statement:

I guide my life and decisions with the following core principles –

Always Be An Inspiration
Always Create Beauty
Always Plan & Build Security
Always Be Independent
Always Live A Big, Radiant Life
Always Connect To My Self and Those I Love

I love color.
Music uplifts my soul.
I can fly a small airplane.
Creating beauty fuels my spirit.
I own a successful financial planning firm.
Running a 5k in under 30 minutes is a major goal.
I believe that anyone can live a big life – a life on fire.
Security, freedom, and paying it forward are my three driving values.
I am a mother, girlfriend, grandmother, friend, daughter, and sister to some amazing people!